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Infographic: who had you buzzing at E3?

Submitted by on Monday, 20 June 2011One Comment

The good people at Webtrends (via Mashable) have released an infographic for E3; it shows which of the major players created the most buzz during the event. The data is gathered from Monday 6 June through to Friday 10 June, and it shows who received the most mentions on blogs, Twitter and other social networking sites.

The chart shows that E3 buzz was huge at the beginning of the week (when the press conferences were being held) but this excitement steadily dropped as the week went on.

Nintendo with 43.1% of the mentions, unsurprisingly, won the buzz battle against its platform rivals Sony and Microsoft. The Wii U unveiling was always going to create a lot of discussion, but we suspect the confusing nature of Nintendo’s press conference led to more discussion than normal. Debates continued for hours (even amongst the specialist press) over whether it was really a new console or just a new controller.

Sony, with 31.2% of mentions, had a strong showing, especially when considering the fact Microsoft only had 25.7% of the debate. We noticed that Uncharted 3, Dust 514 and PS Vita generated a lot of positive mentions.

As for the publishers, EA ruled this section with 56.8% of the debate. Ubisoft came second with 29.5%. Broadcast streams were easy to find for both press conferences, so this will partly explain why they generated more buzz than Capcom, Activision and Konami; however, we shouldn’t forget the annoying Ubisoft presenter (and Far Cry 3!) and EA’s awesome line-up — we had plenty of things to celebrate and whine about.

The chart is viewable below.