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Life without PSN in Attitude Towers

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 June 20115 Comments

It’s been an interesting couple of months without PSN. Let’s just say, we’ve come to appreciate the value of online connectivity. So much so, it’s hard to imagine how we coped in the dark old days. You know, about 5 or 6 years ago, when our consoles were always offline. Our grandchildren won’t believe it; we can hardly believe it.

It’s been a profound experience for the writers of PS3 Attitude, and that’s why we’re sharing our stories. There’s nothing revelatory in these passages (in fact, it’s mostly trivial nonsense), just testimonies from five survivors of the PSN Outage. May they be read by future generations, so they know what we’ve been through.

ps3a hr Team

Dolphgb – Editor-in-Chief and Founder

During the ‘big freeze’ I simply followed the instructions handed out to me during the Protect and Survive campaign of the late 1970s. Back then, the advice was designed to help you in the event of a nuclear war, but I found it essential for surviving the PS3’s very own apocalypse.

I built a ‘fall out room’. Not to deal with nuclear fall-out, of course, but because without the entertainment offered by the PS3 I’d have to talk to my actual relatives, and I was worried that would lead to falling out with them. Blocking myself into the cupboard under the stairs with two hundred cans of baked beans seemed rational in comparison to the horrors of human companionship. Unfortunately, the beans smoked me out of the room after just two days. Oh, the horror!

The PSN and the PS Store may be back, but the words of the Protect and Survive broadcast still ring in my ears – “Remember there is nothing to be gained by trying to get away. By leaving your PS3 you could be exposing yourselves to greater danger”. Well, I’m sure they said something like that…

ps3a hr Team

Seanoc – Features Editor

You’d have thought the world ended when PSN went down — it was headline news around the world, even grandma had something to say about it.

Yet, for myself at least, it wasn’t much of an issue. Sure, I couldn’t play Brink online, but I could do other things, things I hadn’t done for years, including leaving the house and seeing sunlight.

I had an impromptu visit to Manchester, where I did touristy things, such as visiting the art museum (which had some lovely Pre-Raphaelite paintings), drinking in Cornerhouse (great but expensive) and seeing City winning a cup (a first) in a pub full of City and United fans (more welcoming than expected!). Basically, I remembered there was life outside games. Thankfully, I soon got over such silly notions.

With PSN down, I took the opportunity to get stuck into a singleplayer game. I wanted something big and meaty, so I decided to finally get round to playing Red Dead Redemption. I loved its gameplay, story, animal skinning, horse riding (surprising, considering Rockstar’s record with cars), beautiful locations and John Marston – he is the man. I enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s a shame, then, that life caught up with me. It turned out that Red Dead was bigger than I could chew. I had to put it to one side, but I will get back to it soon, one day.

I’ll get you, Bill Williamson, if it’s the last thing I do.

ps3a hr Team

Majiesto – News Editor

I’ve never been the gamer type who thrived on multiplayer. I’ve always been more interested in an exciting singleplayer campaign with a good story over having to continually respawn from headshot after headshot.

Mortal Kombat was in my PS3 for a good amount of the outage as I attempted to make my way through the 300 challenges of the Challenge Tower. I say attempted because once I reached the one where you have to fight THREE Shao Khans with one lifebar, that was it for me. One is difficult but three? After weeping for a solid hour from my utter defeat at the hands of these monsters, I decided to go a different route; Netflix. Movies can be your best friend when the network is down.

ps3a hr Team

Ryanmoto3 – Staff Writer

As a veritable hermit, as it pertains to the online gaming community, the PSN Outage did very little to upset my gaming habits. The lack of the PlayStation Store meant I wasn’t able to download any new demos or games which proved annoying but ultimately I survived. Just about the only part of my gaming life that was effected was my monthly ritual of convincing myself that I am in fact good at Call of Duty, along with the subsequent 30 minutes of online matches that consistently prove otherwise.

ps3a hr Team

Stefhutch20 – Staff Writer

Rather than dwell on not being able to play online or access the PlayStation Store, I saw the PSN outage as an opportunity to revisit some of my favourite singleplayer games, including Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy XIII, and even golden oldies like Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Heavenly Sword. The experience actually taught me a valuable lesson: given a choice between watching Nariko murder some fools in Heavenly Sword or listening to a bunch of prepubescent teens swear at me on Call of Duty, I’ll take Nariko every time.

ps3a hr Team

Of course, we weren’t the only survivors of the PSN Outage. We’re joined by millions of our fellow gamers. If you’re reading this, no doubt you were affected too. We’d love to hear your own stories, if you’re willing to share them below…

Warning: no real animals were skinned in Attitude Towers during this ordeal. PS3 Attitude is strongly in favour of skinning in-game, but never in life.