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Say hello to a new PS3 Attitude volunteer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 June 20116 Comments

Today PS3 Attitude are pleased to announce a new writer is joining our happy band of volunteers.

As you may know, PS3 Attitude is written not only to provide you with the best PS3-related stories and commentary, but also for good causes. Every ounce of revenue we generate is given to GamesAid, the video game industry charity.

So who is this new recruit?

Please say a big ‘hello’ to Nanashi07.

Currently completing an MA in creative writing at Bath Spa University, which involves writing novels and short stories, Nanashi has been playing games since he first set eyes a Street Fighter arcade cabinet. “I can still appreciate the intricacies of a well designed Brawler”, he says, “but nowadays I prefer a more expansive experience”.

Nanashi is particularly interested in both the innovation and evolution of storytelling within the video game industry.

We asked Nanashi what inanimate object he would be. His answer was swift – “I’d be a notebook”.


“I’d be full of ideas, character sketches, cartoons, anecdotes and transcripts of conversations I’d heard on the train; brimming with unique shopping lists, recipes and architectural blueprints; swelling with physics equations, rousing speeches and philosophical conundrums. If you turned to any of my pages, I’d be an antidote to apathy, a catalyst to creativity. The term ‘writer’s block’ would cease to exist and everyone who read me would be touched with the urge to craft”.

At this point we realised we clearly had a deep thinker on our hands, so we’re looking forward to his ruminations on the day’s PS3 news.

Look out for Nanashi’s first contributions and please say a big hello to him in the comments below.