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PS3A Heroes: DeathSpank — hero to the downtrodden

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 June 20113 Comments

The brainchild of Hothead Games and legendary Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert, DeathSpank is unlike most heroes; he’s a shoot before asking type of guy — a dispenser of justice and slayer of demons. He’s also quite the collector; on his quests to find a powerful artifact (known as The Artifact), our hero “acquired” more loot than Blackbeard. Read on to find out more about this PS3A Hero.

Who is he?

DeathSpank is a hero to the downtrodden, a dispenser of justice and a wearer of powerful thongs. He equips himself with swords, crossbows, lasers and chainsaws — and just about anything else heavy and pointy. He’s also adept at using spells and potions. However, DeathSpank’s biggest asset is his unique personality. You wouldn’t describe him as charming, but it’s hard not to be drawn in by his Bruce Campbell meets Johnny Bravo personality. He’s delightfully quirky, as you would expect from a character created by Ron Gilbert. He also has an outrageously large chin.

Where can we find him?

DeathSpank is the lead character in (funnily enough) DeathSpank and its sequel DeathSpank: Thongs of Justice. The series combines Monkey Island’s humour with Diablo’s RPG-hack-and-slash-mixed-with-puzzle-solving gameplay. Both adventures are over 10 hours in length, which makes them pretty huge for PSN titles.

When will we see him next?

DeathSpank’s next appearance will be in The Baconing —  a new stand-alone experience about the mythology of the Bacon Fires. While DeathSpank will feature in The Baconing, we’re told that Hothead Games are treating this adventure as being separate from the other games in the series. The Baconing is due out sometime this summer. We haven’t seen footage of The Baconing, as of yet, but Hothead Games did release a teaser trailer recently:

Who is the man behind character?

DeathSpank is voiced by Canadian voice actor Michael Dobson. Michael’s talents are multi-faceted, having worked in film, television, animation, videogames, commercials and theatre. Amongst his credits are roles in Dragon Ball Z, X Files and Stargate SG-1. He also provided his voice for the Caped Crusader in the Batman: Black and White animated series (hear him in action). While DeathSpank is by far his most successful videogame performance, he has had various smaller roles ranging from voicing Nate in SSX Tricky 3 to being a narrator in Hothead’s Penny Arcade.

Ask DeathSpank an outrageous question

DeathSpank — yes the big-chinned hero himself — will be speaking to PS3 Attitude soon. The discussions will almost certainly involve thongs and bacon (how could it not?); but where we go from there is down to you. So downtrodden inhabitants of PS3 Attitude, give us your questions and we’ll pass them on. Both outrageous and sensible answers are acceptable.

Also feel free to drop your questions on the site of your choice (Raptr, Facebook Twitter, Digg, N4G, Reddit or Mars) — wherever you dwell, we’ll find them.