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Uncharted Movie back to Square One – Good News?

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 June 2011No Comment

With David O. Russell, Mark Wahlberg and a script that sounded like it was stolen from another video game series (seriously, Sly Cooper anyone?) all gone from the Uncharted movie adaptation, fans are now left wondering what will happen with their beloved Nate Drake.

Sony are back to square one and in need of a director and a leading man. Fans were crying out for Nathan Fillion to bag the role, and with O. Russell gone from the whole project, it now seems ten times more likely.

However, equally possible is for Nolan North, scourge of video game voices, to get the role. He is Nathan Drake in voice, personality and, to an extent, appearance as well. North seems to have accepted that this might not come to fruition though, instead suggesting Hugh Jackman for the role.

But a leading man can’t carry a film by himself. A great Director is needed as well. While David O. Russell would certainly have put a ‘unique’ spin on the Uncharted franchise, it would be just as boring if someone simply made a movie out of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Uncharted was cut from the same cloth as classic adventure/action movies like Indiana Jones and James Bond; surely it can’t be that hard to take the characters and put them onto a 2-hour journey of adventure, can it? The characters exist already; all you need is the right casting, a pseudo-historical/mythical threat and you’re sorted.

No matter what we say though, the matter is in Sony’s hands. With any luck they’ll continue the streak of good luck, which started with David O. Russell’s departure.