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Batman: Arkham City – 10+ Minutes of Gameplay

Submitted by on Saturday, 2 July 20114 Comments

Press releases are important, screenshots are nice and trailers are exciting but uncut gameplay footage is where it’s really at. The crème de la crème of pre-release content.

In anticipation of Batman’s return to the PS3 Rocksteady Games has supplied a hearty chunk of uncut gameplay footage to tide Dark Knight fans over until the time comes for Arkham City’s release. Go on take a look and validate your excitement.

The unsavory reality is that we will all have to wait until October to get our hands on Batman: Arkham City. Rocksteady’s initial foray into the Dark Knight’s universe was a sleeper hit that has effectively altered the public’s expectations of what a superhero video game could be.

As for the gameplay featured here, it appears to be taken from the early stages of the narrative. Thugs and villains alike are genuinely surprised to see the caped crusader in their newly-minted stretch of lawlessness.

This is the first time that we’re able to see both Batman and Catwoman dole out punishment to a group of doomed thugs. Gadgets, as you can see, will definitely play a more important role in the combat system this time around.

Of particular note is the peculiar absence of Oracle, Batman’s eye in the sky. In her place trusty old Alfred has taken over logistical duties for the time being. The victim interrogated by Batman at the 4:25 mark is none other than TV personality Jack Ryder who will eventually realize his fate as a crazed vigilante known as the Creeper (whether or not Batman: Arkham City will feature his transformation is as of yet unknown).

If you fancy cringe-inducing puns it looks like Catwoman and Two-Face will have you more than covered. The pair can hardly go three sentences without making reference to their respective schtick.

For more information on Batman: Arkham City head on over to our coverage of the more prominent role of a certain query obsessed criminal.