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BioShock Infinite Enraptures Critics

Submitted by on Friday, 1 July 2011One Comment

Post E3, Irrational GamesBioShock Infinite has scooped 75 editorial awards, including the coveted Game Critics Award for ‘Game of Show’. But what have the press been shown behind closed doors to generate such levels of enthusiasm?

“In narrative depth and intellectual ambition, Infinite appeared to be the top of the class at E3.” The New York Times

With BioShock, Ken Levine (Creative Director and President at Irrational Games) and his team gave us the claustrophobic flooding labyrinths of Rapture, arguably one of the most convincing game settings ever created. But the 2007 IP did not take home the Game Critics’ top award that year.

While Infinite shares its predecessor’s dystopian themes and literary inspirations, advances in technology have allowed Irrational to raise the bar in terms of interactive storytelling, thus consolidating ideas that may have been technically unreachable a few years ago.

“Simply gorgeous, the best looking game at E3,” E! Online

Journalists are not merely commenting on the game’s aesthetic value, rather on the way the graphics and art style contribute to the interactive nature of the environment and the characters inhabiting it.

Tweeting after the show, Levine wrote:

“At this year’s E3, members of the Irrational team were honored to see the amazing games our industry friends and colleagues are producing. And we are thrilled that the gaming media selected BioShock Infinite as a standout title at the show.”

Irrational Games recently released a brief glimpse of the presented at E3, showcasing some of the spectacular visuals and story presented in Infinite.

If a 15 minute demonstration was enough to secure 39 ‘Game of Show’ awards, imagine what the finished product will accomplish.

For further information on the game, head over to our coverage from E3.