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Deus Ex: Human Revolution goes all live action on us

Submitted by on Sunday, 31 July 20112 Comments

Live action game trailers a thing of the past you say? Nay says Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

It’s always surprising nowadays to see a game release a live action trailer as they have largely gone the way of the dodo since the PlayStation 2 days.

Ordinarily when a trailer goes the real people route we are granted groan inducing splices of live action and gameplay footage. Frankentrailers essentially like the one you see below from Vampire Rain: Altered Species. Enjoy.

To Eidos Montreal’s credit they avoided the unnatural mixture of game world and B-movie level acting artfully displayed by Vampire Rain, creating a trailer that is actually quite interesting.

So what do you think about the live action technique? Do you like what you see?

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