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FIFA 11 – Goals/Misses of the Season

Submitted by on Monday, 11 July 2011No Comment

Here at PS3 Attitude we love the FIFA series. Each season the folks at EA Canada masterfully portray the poetry characteristic of ‘the beautiful game’.

The thing about poetry however is that sometimes it’s all sunshine and lollipops and sometimes it can be a hearty stew of misery. Without further ado, here are the best goals and worst misses of the season as chosen by the FIFA gaming community.

Let’s start out with the best goals that this season had to offer. The crème de la crème. A taste of excellence to inspire us all heading into next season.

And now the most egregious mental lapses to hit the online pitch. Strong believers in the power of positive thinking needn’t watch.

A fantastic display of both sides of the coin. Although that goal on the 0:17 mark seemed like little more than showing-off; passing up on an open net only to thoroughly embarrass the defense – nice.

So which video did you enjoy more? What does that say about you?

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