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Irrational Games displays the full BioShock Infinite E3 Demo

Submitted by on Saturday, 9 July 2011One Comment

Roughly a week ago Irrational Games gave us a taste of their BioShock Infinite E3 demo which was shown exclusively to those in attendance. Thankfully Ken Levine, creative director on BioShock Infinite, promised to later unveil the entire 15 minute demonstration to the public.

It’s later now.

By now the notoriety that BioShock Infinite gained at E3 is somewhat common knowledge to those hip to the gaming scene. About 75 editorial awards later, including the Game Critics Award for ‘Game of the Show’, the skyward shooter pretty much stole the show.

Now that the demo has gone public it is easy to see why BioShock Infinite created such a fervor coming out of the annual video game showcase.

An apt description of the game based on the demo would be to say that it’s ‘big’. Although by all accounts a first-rate, nondescript¬†adjective (right up there with ‘good’) big just seems to fit. Everything from the violent civil-war between the Founders and Vox Populi (Latin¬†for voice of the people) to ripping through time itself has a sort of grand feeling attached to it. Not to mention the metallic beast known as the Songbird.

With the advent of the sky-lines that span Columbia travel of great distances can be covered with relative ease. The development team describes their quick travel system as a ‘wooden roller-coaster that’s stacked upon another wooden roller-coaster’. Even the most steadfast BioShock detractors would have to admit that sounds cool.

Without a doubt BioShock Infinite looks to have tremendous potential. Now that you’ve seen the full E3 demo let us know what you think. Are you getting your pre-order ready or have you not yet decided whether or not Irrational Games’s sprawling adventure is worthy of your time.

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