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The Penguin waddles his way into Batman: Arkham City

Submitted by on Saturday, 23 July 2011No Comment

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, the plump and pompous Batman villain better known as the Penguin, will be making his presence felt this October in Arkham City.

The flightless one will no doubt engage in his fair share of mayhem however a strange alliance with a certain undead individual makes him a far more formidable foe.

It would appear that the Penguin, like the vast majority of Arkham City’s inhabitants, has a fundamental problem with law enforcement agents. He’s made it his business to remove the entire lot of them from the land of the living.

Despite the grim severity of the Penguins kidnapping and murdering the intent of these acts clearly have an underlying motive. One which involves Solomon Grundy’s sizable fist finding the back of Batman’s skull.

An interesting takeaway from the trailer is the┬ápeculiar device fixed to Penguin’s throat. No mention as to the origin or function of the device has been made by developer Rocksteady Games but it’s certainly worth noting.

So what do you think of Arkham City’s Penguin and how surprised are you to see Solomon Grundy making his way into the game?

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