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A Taste of RAGE’s Arsenal

Submitted by on Saturday, 16 July 2011No Comment

If you haven’t been paying close attention, id Software’s RAGE is fast approaching release. We’ll be descending into the post-apocalyptic wasteland this October (4th US/7th UK).

In perfect lockstep with the prototypical elements of the genre which id itself spawned in the early 90’s, RAGE will include a devastating array of weapons to arm yourself with. The development team would like to introduce you to the selection of tools at your disposal.

In the past few years innovation within the first-person shooter (FPS) genre, particularly with regards to weaponry, has been rapid. Whether it’s plasmids, nano suit technology, or jet packs the genre has no doubt evolved.

With RAGE id Software isn’t attempting to dramatically alter classic FPS weaponry, they’re trying to tweak it. While gamers likely won’t be able to point to any one weapon in particular which sets the game apart from similar titles, the amount of customization and add-ons have the potential to make a go-around with RAGE unique.

The introduction of engineering items such as the defense turret and sentry bots will ideally provide a layer of strategy to the experience however id has maintained the stance that RAGE can be played utilizing any number of tactics. It seems the developers wish to simply provide the tools. The rest will be up to the gamer.

Now that you’ve got a quick look at the arsenal have your expectations of RAGE changed at all?

For more RAGE coverage check out this extended gameplay trailer or some of the game’s sparkling screens.