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Why We Can Thank Adam Jensen For The Awesome Tomb Raider Trailer

Submitted by on Saturday, 16 July 2011No Comment

One of the definite highlights of this year’s E3 was the rebirth of the Tomb Raider franchise. Crystal Dynamics’s unveiling of a younger, greener Lara Croft was easily one of the most visually pleasing moments the industry has ever seen.

But why was a trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution integral in the making of this breathtaking trailer?

The talented team at Visual Works, fresh off their lauded work on on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailers, was contracted by Crystal Dynamics to produce the world premier of Lara 2.0 specifically because of the outstanding craftsmanship they displayed in regards to the anticipated Adam Jensen prequel.

Although gamers have been through a lot with Lara in the past, the series had become somewhat stagnant following the recent rash of game and film releases. Suffice to say the direction of the series combined with the establishment of new explorer/archaeologists was more than enough to turn off the casual gamer.

As PlayStation fans, the desire to see the success of future Tomb Raider titles is ultimately tied to the franchise’s relevance which has spanned the existence of the PlayStation brand (Crash Bandicoot reboot anyone?). Whether or not the reboot of Tomb Raider will net a robust game is yet to be seen but the E3 trailer provides a very good reason to remain hopeful.

For another look at the complete Tomb Raider E3 trailer take a look at the video below and be sure to check out Visual Works’s previous work for Deus Ex.