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PS3 Attitude visits PlayStation Access

Submitted by on Wednesday, 31 August 2011No Comment

Aside from the EuroGamer Expo, the UK has relatively little in terms of events dedicated to Video Games.

PlayStation Access tried to change that.

Much like the BetaRooms event, also held in Birmingham last year; PlayStation Access showcased high-profile, upcoming games.

With a much-anticipated line-up of games, free drinks and live music, Sony was all set for a packed out event. Sadly, that didn’t happen. For whatever reason, people just didn’t turn up. The venue was all set for 250 people, but barely 100 people showed up. It was disappointing,

That’s not to say Sony and the PlayStation Access team didn’t do a fantastic job; the venue was outstanding. All that was needed was enough people to fill it.

The decor was a little different to what we originally expected. In contrast to the bright colours of BetaRooms, there was black curtain everywhere, with low leather seats and neon blue and orange lighting, making the whole place look and feel more like a nightclub. In fact, it was the Rainbow Warehouse, a nightclub located in Digbeth, a little way away from Birmingham City Centre.

This was emphasised later on, when singer-songwriter Yasmin came on stage and performed some of her songs. It was clear, at this point more than any other, that Sony had been preparing for a much larger number of people.

It seems to me that Sony are perfectly willing to put on these kinds of events for the PlayStation community, but either they need to spread the word further and wider, or we need to get ourselves in gear and show some support for our favourite console.

Perhaps if they occurred more often, or did a tour of England, rather than happening over a weekend in one city, people would become more aware and more willing to travel to see exclusive game previews and live music.

However, if this disappointing turnout is anything to go by, we may not see many more of these in the future.

If you missed out, then check out some highlights below, and visit the full set on our Flickr page.