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PS3 Attitude’s 20 Days of PSN – #15: Warhawk

Submitted by on Tuesday, 6 September 20112 Comments

Here at PS3 Attitude, we’re celebrating our ‘20 Days of PSN‘. Coming in at number 15 – Warhawk.

Released back in 2007, Warhawk was a re-imagining of a game brought to the PlayStation in 1995. Crafted with a great deal of skill by the people at Incognito Entertainment, Warhawk has gone on to become one of the most loved PSN titles ever.

What made it so good? And why did a multi-player only title even become successful on the first place? Read on and we’ll try to answer those questions and more…

Warhawk is played at a furious pace. A third-person game that combines shooting, driving and flying, the action comes thick and fast throughout.

There was a single-player campaign originally planned for Warhawk, but it was pulled from the game before release because it was felt it didn’t hold a candle to the multi-player experience. It seems this brave decision was a good one, as Warhawk remains one of the most played multi-player games on the platform.

The game was released with five maps initially, and each of those maps had five possible configurations. Add in four different game types, from the furious Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch to the more strategic Zones and Capture The Flag, and you had all the variety you needed from day one.

The path to greatness for Warhawk wasn’t a smooth one however, with early connection issues causing a delay in people realising just how good this title was to play. Several updates ensued, and after a short while, Incognito got all the bugs out of the system.

After the v1.4 update, they added two new game types – Hero and Collection. The original content available in the game really only tells half the story, however.

"Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile..."

Once the game was solid, the developers went about the business of launching a raft of new expansion packs. In total, three packs were released that added not just new maps but also increasingly imaginative vehicles and options, increasing the number of available maps to eight.

Weapon and vehicle options are another reason why people flocked to Warhawk in large numbers. There were two ground vehicles, plus an additional personnel carrier added by the Operation: Broken Mirror expansion. The two original aircraft had nine different weapons available, and the behemoth that was the Dropship (from the Operation: Omega Dawn expansion) had the benefit of being a cooperative weapon, with different players sitting in their own gun placements. Along with a raft of player weapons (such as the sniper rifle, RPG and machine gun), there were also three types of turret to control.

Yes, Warhawk had all the bases covered. Usually by a torrent of speeding bullets.

To keep you coming back for more, the game offered a ranking system that took you from Recruit to General, unlocking new goodies along the way. In almost every sense, Warhawk was the perfect launch at the perfect time, when the PS3 really needed a stand-out title to attract multi-player gamers to the platform.

The community in Warhawk is still strong, and a spiritual successor to the game – Starhawk – is not far away, with an expected 2012 release date.

#15 in our 20 Days of PSN goes to Warhawk.

Return to PS3 Attitude every day to discover the rest of our twenty favourite PSN games. Can you guess what #1 will be?