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PS3 Attitude’s 20 Days of PSN: #10 – Limbo

Submitted by on Sunday, 11 September 20112 Comments

Believe it or not, we have now reached the halfway point in our 20 Days of PSN feature. Taking the #10 spot is Limbo, a unique adventure through a strange and unforgiving world.

Read on to find out why Limbo is #10 in our Top 20 PSN titles…

Limbo was released less than two months ago on the PlayStation Store, which makes it the newest game in our top twenty countdown. However, don’t let its recency fool you, because Limbo definitely deserves a place on this list just as much as any other game.

Limbo is the first title released by Danish studio Playdead, which was founded in 2006 by Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti. That means Limbo was in development for a massive four years, and it seriously shows – that’s longer than most full retail games take to develop, albeit with much bigger teams.

Originally released back in July 2010, it took a year for Limbo to make it to the PlayStation Network, but it was absolutely worth the wait, and even includes a brand new ridiculously hard level. Just how ridiculously hard? Well, there’s a gold trophy for completing it; yes, it really is that difficult.

This is one of the rare moments in Limbo when something isn't trying to kill you

In fact, ‘difficult’ is as good a word as any to describe Limbo, as it could well be one of the most challenging games on PSN. Anyone who can unlock the trophy for completing the game with five or fewer deaths is officially better  than us.

But what is it that makes Limbo so hard? The premise is simple enough; you play as a nameless boy, who is searching for his missing sister. However, along the way, the boy has to contend with a plethora of fatal obstacles, as well as the odd murderous child. Hell isn’t exactly the friendliest place.

Don’t let its difficulty put you off though, because at its heart, Limbo is a fantastic 2D platformer game, which every fan of the genre would be mad to look over. The controls are perfect, the animations are superb, and the puzzles are often ingeniously clever.

Oh dear...

Nothing beats the ‘Aha!’ moment when you suddenly discover the secret to completing a puzzle, or finally manage to make it past a significantly hazardous area. You will die a lot of gruesome deaths in Limbo, but the game never feels like a chore, because of its surprising and intelligent gameplay.

As well as this original gameplay, Limbo also boasts class-leading presentation. The black and white art style fits beautifully with the chilling sound effects and music, and everything comes together to create a visually and aurally unique experience.

If you’re a fan of puzzle platformers and are still yet to play Limbo, your procrastination is seriously doing you a disservice. Playdead’s first title is an intelligent and unique game, and a worthy title to kick off the top ten of our countdown.

#10 in our 20 Days of PSN goes to Limbo.

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