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The Joker stars in the latest Batman: Arkham City trailer

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 September 2011No Comment

Thus far a bounty of characters from both the Batman and DC universes have been announced for Batman: Arkham City.

The inclusion of lesser known villains like Solomon Grundy is great but we’d be remiss if the Joker didn’t get his proper due.

If you count yourself among theĀ multitudeĀ of people eagerly awaiting the October 18thUS/21stUK release of Batman: Arkham City it’s a pretty good bet that you know the last time we saw the Joker he wasn’t doing so hot.

We saw him at his physical peak thanks to heavy dose of TITAN and now he stands as a shell of his former self (winners don’t use drugs). While we’re not exactly sure what sort of affliction the Joker has contracted, it’s likely that his appearance is the result of the TITAN formula’s hangover effects.

However we all know that as long as the Joker’s mind is still intact, relatively speaking, he’s dangerous. Animals are most dangerous when cornered and the same goes for sociopaths.

Interestingly enough though Batman states rather emphatically that there’s nothing wrong with the Joker despite his increasingly grotesque image. Chances are there’s more to Joker’s sickness than meets the eye part of which could be little more than an elaborate ruse.

Speculation rules the day until we can get our hands on Rocksteady’s beautiful sequel but we’ve only to wait a little while longer to have our questions answered.

Before you go let us know your opinion of the Joker’s suffering. Real or fabricated?

For additional coverage of Batman: Arkham City check out the Penguin‘s introductory trailer as well as that of Mr. Freeze.