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PS3 Attitude’s 20 Days of PSN – #13 Dead Nation

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 September 20113 Comments

Housemarque’s Dead Nation clocks in at #13 in our countdown of the top 20 PSN games. Read on to find out what separates this Z-Day shooter from the rest.

Odds are if you remembered to redeem your two free PSN games from this past June’s ‘Welcome Back’ program one of them was Dead Nation (unless of course you already owned it). The zombie apocalypse is nothing new to videogames as this generation alone has seen enough iterations involving the walking dead to spawn drinking games.

Dead Nation (DN) is great zombie game yes, but it’s a very well executed twin-stick shooter first and foremost from the same studio which previously released Super Stardust HD into the wild.

For those who don’t already know, DN is a twin-stick, top-down shooter (TSTDS?) which pits players against vast, distinctly aggressive waves of flesh hungry zombies. Standing between your brain and the gnarled limbs of the undead are a slew of upgradable weapons, armor and diversions. The object is simple: survive and do so with extreme prejudice. It’s brazenly straightforward however the simplistic nature of the experience is a paltry footnote beside the game’s fantastic shooting mechanics and fevered tempo.

Not good.

The aspects which make Dead Nation such a noteworthy experience, aside from the stalwart gameplay foundation, are largely linked to the game’s unwillingness to take it easy on the player, especially on the hardest difficulty.

In a time when a growing sentiment has emerged denouncing contemporary videogames for the absence of challenging gameplay, DN is a shimmering beacon of adversity for those of us looking for an old school challenge and perhaps a broken controller or two.

No checkpoints. No coasting through levels. And at times no light. Dead Nation possesses the qualities which split gamers among competing sentiments of abject disdain and admiration. The gameplay, although solid through and through, features a myriad of surprises and sudden difficulty spikes. Zombies popping out of manholes are commonplace giving the experience an air of cheapness which seems to have been Housemarque’s intent given the style of game. The result of each massive wave of zombies ultimately ends in one of two ways: ‘No! No! No! No! Phew!’ or “No! No! No! No! $&#$*!’.


Another of DN’s strong points is the seamless integration of both online and local co-op modes which fit nicely into the the game’s arcade-style relentless killing. If you haven’t done so already Dead Nation is a game begging to played next to an equally skittish friend.

The inclusion of leaderboards which rank the proficiency of each country’s zombie killing by total number of zombies ended is a fresh spin on one of the staple features in today’s downloadable titles.

Here at PS3 Attitude we love Dead Nation. With the recent announcement of the imminent release of another chapter there’s no time like the present to start mowing down the undead. If you have yet to download it you have failed yourself and your country.

#13 in our 20 Days of PSN goes to Dead Nation.

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