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PS3 Attitude’s 20 Days of PSN – #14: Marvel Pinball

Submitted by on Wednesday, 7 September 2011No Comment

When it comes to pinball games, Zen Studios is the champion. First the development studio brought us creative tables that delved into the depths of our imagination with Zen Pinball. What originally started as four tables soon evolved to 11, including tribute tables to popular franchises such as Street Fighter and Ninja Gaiden.

Then in 2010, they kicked it up a notch and released Marvel Pinball; a collection of tables devoted solely to our favorite superheroes. Who doesn’t like Blade, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine? Marvel Pinball essentially revitalized the pinball genre and brought it to a whole new audience.

For this reason, we have selected Marvel Pinball as our #14 pick in PS3 Attitude’s Top 20 PSN titles.

Marvel Pinball is basically multiple games wrapped up in one neat package. Just buying the game gives you access to the four tables listed above, and each one plays vastly different from the others. The Blade table will have you fighting vampires, including Deacon Frost himself, all the while shifting between a day and night cycle. Iron Man has you battling against Whiplash and Mandarin as you play as both Tony Stark and Iron Man. Spider-Man takes you to the streets of New York where the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus have taken over the city. For Wolverine, you’ll have to take on your nemesis, Sabretooth.  Each table is as different as each of the characters and provides a variety of missions and objectives to accomplish.

While obtaining the highest score possible has always been the objective of pinball machines, Zen Studios implemented a new mechanic that gave you points based on your score (Hero Score) and then combined it with your friends to give you a Team Force score. The more friends you have and the higher your collective score is, the bigger a force you are on the online leaderboards.

It forces you to become efficient at each of the boards and not just focus all of your time on one. You’ll find yourself constantly switching between boards, trying to increase that score even if it’s only by a few thousand points. It can be quite addicting.

Zen Studios has already released two more downloadable tables for Marvel Pinball, The Fantastic Four and Captain America, the latter of which happens to be the best table around. There’s also the recently announced Vengeance and Virtue tables based off Ghost Rider coming soon. With practically an unlimited number of superheroes to choose from, it’s suffice to say that Marvel Pinball is going to be here for a very long time.

#15 in our 20 Days of PSN goes to Marvel Pinball.

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