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PS3 Attitude’s 20 Days of PSN – #19: Castle Crashers

Submitted by on Friday, 2 September 20112 Comments

While zombies and a haunted village are good and all, they pale in comparison to knights in shining armor, four knights as a matter of fact. Castle Crashers invaded the PlayStation Network nearly two years after their Xbox 360 counterpart but it was definitely worth the wait for fans The Behemoth.

Set in a fictional medieval universe, an evil wizard bent of world domination has stolen your castle’s magical crystal and four princesses. As a knight, it’s your duty to rescue the damsels in distress, defeat the wizard, and restore peace throughout the kingdom.

Read on to find out why Castle Crashers is #19 in our Top 20 PSN titles…

At its heart, Castle Crashers is a beat’em up mixed in with elements of an RPG system and comical humor. Initially you can only play as one of the four main knights but as you progress, you’ll unlock other characters to choose including enemies and even the alien from Alien Hominid, The Behemoth’s other side scrolling action game. In total there are 25 different characters to play as, each with their one abilities and moves. For a game where up to four people can play simultaneously, having a variety of choices is a must.

Most multiplayer games these days pit you against each other in ferocious and bloody battles to the death. Why all the hate? Castle Crashers lets you team up with four buddies (either local or online) and embark on your quest to slay the evil wizard together. That’s what makes the game the most fun. Sure, going at it alone is good, but having a friend by your side, or halfway around the world, is even better. It’s also a whole lot easier as the game is tough as nails when flying solo. It’s no Demon’s Souls but it’ll definitely give you a challenge.

Kitty wanna scratch...

Castle Crashers isn’t your average beat’em up where you go from left to right pummeling your enemies to death with whatever sword or blunt object you have at your disposal. While technically you could do that, you won’t last for long. Knowing when to block against each type of enemy and when to attack is vital. Each character also has a magical ability that can deal massive damage.

In addition to the main quest, there are mini-games you can engage in as well. Test your strength in the Arena and fight off wave after wave of enemies or relax and play a game of Volleyball. While not as fun as the campaign, they do offer a nice break from all the mayhem, not to mention the humor in watching knights bump and spike in a competitive match of Volleyball.

With its cartoon visuals, humorous storyline and energetic music, Castle Crashers provides a unique experience on the PSN. When you have a bunch of friends over, it can be difficult to find a game you all can play at once, let alone have fun with. This is one game that fits the bill.

#19 in our 20 Days of PSN goes to Castle Crashers.

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