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Watch Nolan North perform the ‘multiplayer pump’ at the Eurogamer Expo 2011

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 September 20117 Comments

The multiplayer pump, like all the best online taunts ever created, is an act of silly depravity, which does neither the taunter or the taunted any justice. Nailing this taunt, however, at the right time in Uncharted is incredibly satisfying.

So, to see Nolan North perform Nathan Drake’s signature taunt – on stage, in front of a packed audience at the Eurogamer Expo – was, well, a momentous occasion.

The moment happened about halfway through the session, when Eurogamer presenter Johnny Minkly asked North about the multiplayer taunts and if he would be willing to perform the legendary pump in front of the large audience.

North appeared to be shy and embarrassed at first, but he soon got over this and clearly began to get into Drake mode. Casually, while discussing the logic behind the various multiplayer taunts, North slipped in a perfectly executed pump to a shocked and surprised (and delighted) audience. We were very impressed. Check it out below.

How would you rate North’s multiplayer pump out of 10? Let us know below…