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Battlefield 3 launch trailer shows singleplayer gameplay and story

Submitted by on Saturday, 22 October 20118 Comments

The Battlefield 3 launch trailer shows off Frostbyte 2’s superior ability to create impressive visuals, animations, tactical destruction, sound and scale.

That is, however, all stuff that we’ve seen before in previous trailers and gameplay footage. What makes this trailer interesting though is that it reveals fresh details about Battlefield 3’s singleplayer campaign.

So far, EA has revealed very little about the campaign; they simply do not want to spoil the surprise.  All we know, via DICE general manager Karl Magnusson, is that the campaign will ask the question: ““How far are you willing to go to serve your country?”

This element of Battlefield 3’s story is apparent from the off; the first thing see is an Arab questioning the notion of terrorism by returning the accusation. We later see an American called Blackburn being questioned by his own people. He is accused of being guilty. Why?

Other story details include news of insurgents coming over the border from Iran, a PLO threat (Palestine Liberation Organisation) and an active nuclear bomb. It also seems clear the campaign will jump from small scale infantry campaigns to all-out vehicular warfare. Jets are certain to feature.

DICE will pack Battlefield 3 full of Modern Warfare styled set pieces, but there is also plenty of acting in the trailer, so hopefully we’ll get some personality too. Either way, the trailer is clearly worthy of that overused adjective, Epic.

Please note that the gameplay is mostly running on a  high-end PC. It will look great on PS3, but sadly not this great.

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