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Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link DLC – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 October 20112 Comments

Deus Ex: Human Revolution explores the potentially limitless possibilities of human augmentation. It also brought moral decisions that would ultimately shape the world Adam Jensen would help create, whether for good or bad. Still, the game left plenty of unanswered questions by the end and had fans clamoring for more.

Human Revolution’s first piece of DLC comes in the form of The Missing Link, a new chapter that fills the three day gap in the story where Adam is a stowaway aboard a cargo ship on its way from Heng Sha to Singapore. What occurs on the cargo ship will expand further upon the conspiracies and social constructs explored in the main game. Question is, is it worth its $15 price tag?

Adam’s infiltration of the cargo ship is only the beginning of his problems as he is quickly discovered and detained by Belltower commanders, Pieter Burke and Netanya Keitner. After a quick torture session, you’re left alone in a cell without any of your augmentations you worked so hard to earn. No worries, though, as there’s someone working on the inside trying to help you in your escape and search for Megan Reed.

The Missing Link is split between two locations, the cargo ship and Rifleman Bank Station. Each one feels somewhat similar to what we’ve experienced already; long and narrow corridors, boxes pilled high and random machinery. One of the most impressive moments, however, is when you emerge from the hull of the ship onto its deck. Rain is pouring down and waves splash against the side of the boat. The dynamic lighting only intensifies the dark and gloomy nature of the ship. The scene is quite possibly the best looking on of anything we’ve seen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution so far and it kicks up the graphical capacity a notch.

Gameplay for The Missing Link primarily has continuously moving towards the mission marker without being spotted by guards, sentry bots, etc. At first you start out without any augmentations or equipment but soon you’ll regain much of what was lost. The DLC is not directly connected with the main story so you won’t have the same augmentations you had before you entered the stasis pod. You’ll be given a hefty amount of Praxis Kids, though, so you can customize a new Adam to your liking.

Everything else remains in typical Deus Ex fashion. Doors can be hacked, there are multiple paths that can be taken and your augmentations can be used to open up various secret areas. Still, The Mission Link feels more linear than its main game counterpart. There are no massive maps for you to explore and interact with NPCs. While we suppose you could do that aboard the cargo ship or inside the facility, you’ll have to eliminate all the enemy soldiers first. There are also a few times where you’ll have to backtrack to a previously visited place and do something different. That’s not to say there aren’t any side missions to accomplish because there are. You just have to constantly be on guard.

For some, this will be a plus because it puts you straight in the action and doesn’t mess around. How you move about the new locations is up to you whether you want to take down every guard you come across of try and sneak by them.

The story involved in the Missing Link doesn’t provide too many new answers although it gives context to some of the encounters in Human Revolution. Like an episode of Lost, it also creates more questions than it does answer them. There are plenty of mysterious characters, such as the person helping you throughout the mission. At $15, The Missing Link does feel a tad bit expensive, but for Deus Ex fans, it’ll provide a hefty amount of content and leave you wanting more.