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More Final Fantasy XIII-2 details emerge in epic new trailer

Submitted by on Saturday, 15 October 20118 Comments

As part of New York Comic Con, Square Enix has released an epic eight minute trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2, entitled, ‘Change the Future’. This trailer is an extension of the footage shown at the Tokyo Game Show last month, and reveals some intriguing new information.

One of the most interesting plot details divulged in the trailer is that the story evidently picks up straight after the final cutscene of FFXIII, when Lightning, Serah, Snow, Hope, Sazh and Dajh awake from their crystal slumber and are reunited… albeit briefly.

It turns out that, in preventing the destruction of Cocoon, Fang and Vanille have caused something to happen to time, and Lightning is pulled into another world, just moments after being reunited with her sister Serah, whom she spent the entire previous game trying to save.

Featuring in the new trailer are FFXIII characters, Snow and Hope, who have been absent from all previous footage. Like Lightning and Serah, both characters have brand new styles, and look all the better for it; Square Enix know how to design awesome-looking characters.

Also of note in the footage are new playable character Noel, and the mysterious Caius, who is emerging as the main antagonist of the game. He seems to have something against Noel, and also Lightning, but what this could be is not currently known.

Mini-games have always been a staple of Final Fantasy gameplay, but they were conspicuously missing in FFXIII. Thankfully, it looks like Square Enix is rectifying this in FFXIII-2, with chocobo racing and slot machines both seen in the new trailer.

The combat has also had numerous changes, including the introduction of ‘cinematic events’, which are basically quick-time button presses that deliver devastating blows to enemies if performed correctly, adding a further element of tension to battles.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is shaping up to be one of the best games of next year, and we can’t wait to finally get our hands on it at the beginning of February.

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