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BurgerTime World Tour | MonkeyPaw Games on meaty PSN remake

Submitted by on Monday, 14 November 2011One Comment

BurgerTime World Tour — a remake of the quirky, 1982, Japanese arcade title BurgerTime — is making its way to PSN. PS3 Attitude has been speaking to John Greiner, president and CEO of MonkeyPaw Games, to find out what kind of relish we can expect for this upcoming retro remake.

Your next project, on your quest for a “retro revolution”, is a 3D remake of 1982 arcade game BurgerTime. What can players expect?

The idea was to evolve the BurgerTime franchise, imagining as if the game had been in continual development since its first release. What would the original creators of the game imagined? How would they have expanded the canvas to bring the playing field onto a wider world? Of course, multiplayer would have to be implemented… what great game would not include the chance to bruise your buddy’s arm when you swipe that burger from his bun?

The rotational axis allows you to see through the cylinder level, creating strategic elements for determining the best way to complete a burger. Up to four players can compete, online and local, while leaderboards and trophies round out the competitive play. Enemies can now be thrown by Peter Pepper. Tossing an angry veggie will make it easier to precision drop an enemy onto a burger part, earning the player lots of bonus points. We’ve added platform elements, boss characters, rocket rides and over 50 levels to make BurgerTime World Tour a meaty addition to anyone’s retro menu.

It’s also another food themed title. We’re guessing the guys/girls at MonkeyPaw enjoy their food?

We’ve had a lot of conversations about the best burgers in the world. My vote goes to Moss Burger here in Japan. Green burgers covered in slimy moss! No really, there is a burger joint with that name. It is fast food but the burgers are cooked while you wait. Your choices include burdock root burgers, rice cake burgers, and other healthy concoctions that you’d never expect. Can’t say they’re the best burgers but certainly the most unusual.

It will contain a multiplayer component. How will that work?

There is online and local multiplayer. Up to four players can compete. Local multiplayer has split screens while online shares the whole field. The cool thing about the rotating sphere is that you can see through the cylinder to the other side and keep track of your opponents in online competition. This makes for thrilling strategy as you wait until he’s ready to complete his burger and then come in for the dine-and-dash, splitting with his burger. Very fun competitive play.

Do you consider putting multiplayer into a smaller title such as this a risk?

Many publishers don’t bother with multiplayer, especially online. But for us it was imperative. I worked for 20 years at Hudson Soft, of Bomberman fame, and the fun of multiplayer is embedded in my DNA by now. There is a lot of development risk and certainly much extra time and money involved. But if the game’s mechanics can incorporate multiplayer, then it is going to add much fun, longevity and bruised arms to the experience. Think of it as a marketing tool. One friend challenges another and then another. Word gets around pretty quickly when a challenge goes up.

Finally, BurgerTime is out now on XBLA. When can we expect it on PSN?

BurgerTime World Tour releases this Tuesday, November 15th for $9.99 in North America. Pick up your copy and see why we’re so excited about the evolution of this classic. We always appreciate the voice of our fans so follow us on Facebook and and give us your recommendations on games you’d like to see from Japan!

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