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Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 November 2011No Comment

Dungeon Siege III was released to lukewarm reviews in June but the game is still going strong with fans of the dungeon crawling genre. For those of you who like to complete every quest and find every item, the Treasures of the Sun DLC opens an entirely new environment to explore; the Aranoi Desert. With it come an increased level cap, new abilities, and a new enchanting system.

Is this enough to once again venture into the deep dark caverns of the game, or has this Legion finally met his match?

Venturing into the Aranoi Desert requires you to have reclaimed the grand chapter-house in Stonebridge. From there, you can use the causeway to reach the desert and begin your search for the missing Legion hero. You’ll explore barren deserts, long lost Azunite temples, and mysterious caverns as you unearth the story following the fallen Legion. It’s a good four to six hours of extra content packed in for those wanting to level up their character more or take on some new quests.

With the DLC, the level cap of the game has been increased from 30 to 35, and you’ll need every experience point. Many of the enemies, particularly the bosses, can be rather difficult. There’s a reason why you can’t access the DLC straight from the beginning of the game. You’d die in a matter of moments. Don’t worry though, because in addition to the increased level cap, there are three new abilities your character can possess.

Located throughout the desert are three flaming towers that you must light. Igniting a tower grants you a powerful spell that is geared toward either offense, defense, or healing, depending on which one it is. You can only carry a single power though, so choose wisely. You can return to any of the towers at any time, though and switch out your abilities.

While the news spells are nice, they don’t exactly feel all that powerful, especially against some of the more cumbersome enemies. While the healing spell quickly regenerates a good amount of health, the other two lack in overall effectiveness. The defensive spell only provides a brief shield around you that will maybe let you get in a free attack or two, and you’re better off using a two-handed attack versus the offensive spell.

For a price, you can also reset your character and reallocate all of your points and unlocks however you please. While it’s nice to be able to try a different set of stats and abilities, it’s expensive price tag may steer you away, especially if you enjoy your current style.

The final addition the Treasures of the Sun DLC adds to Dungeon Siege III is the ability to enchant your weapons and equipment. Unlocked right away, enemies will now occasionally drop vials that you can use to enhance various stats on your items. Each vial can boost a stat by either +5 or +25 points, depending on if it’s a minor or major vial. They each also come with their own cost, and as you continue to improve the same item, the cost drastically increases. It’s a nice little extra oomph when you need it, especially if you have a favorite weapon or piece of equipment you continually use. The exponentially increasing cost is also a nice touch as it insures any single item is never too overpowering.

Treasures of the Sun is a welcomed add-on to Dungeon Siege III as it expands upon the basic premise and gameplay mechanics set forth in the main storyline. Dungeons now feature deadly traps and puzzles, in addition to more powerful enemies. You’re going to need every bit of the increased level cap and new enchantment system/ultimate abilities to survive. Overall, if you’re looking to get in a few more good hours of gameplay out of DSIII, $9.99 isn’t a bad deal, all things considered.

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