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Gameplay trailer: Hitman Absolution developer walkthrough

Submitted by on Sunday, 6 November 2011One Comment

Remember that Hitman Absolution gameplay trailer we showed you recently, the one that had Agent 47 take out an army of cops as he ran for his life? Well, here is the trailer again, but this time complete with developer commentary.

During the 17-minute developer walkthrough, game director Tore Blystad and gameplay director Christian Elverdam take us through the series’ new gameplay and cinematic directions. Check it out below:

If you read our preview, you’ll know that Hitman Absolution is not only promising more options, but it’s also offering better results for your actions.

New features include an Instinct mode, which is very similar to Detective mode from Rocksteady’s Batman games. Instict allows players to see illumated enemies through walls, and it “fuels a number of abilities that Agent 47 has at his disposal”.

IO is hoping to give players moral dilemmas by giving NPCs more unique and relatable personalities. In the demo you see police officers chatting, some showing a bullying mentality while others are more timid. You can kill them all if you wish, but IO thinks player actions will be affected by emotional responses. i.e. “The bullying sergeant deserves it”.

Improvised weapons are available, and in the walkthrough we see Agent 47 picks up a bust and smash it over one cop’s head. It’s partly there for stylistic reasons, but it’s also a practical way to kill, quick and clean.

The cover and shooting system has been improved compared to previous Hitman games. It’s now much more akin to the tighter and more responsive system utilised in Kane and Lynch 2.

Absolution is also much more cinematic than previous Hitman titles. This worries some, but we are personally excited by this prospect. The player still has many options at their disposal, but the effects of those actions are now much more pronounced. We’re also delighted that to see that the series hasn’t lost its sense of humour, as is evident from the pot den section late in the trailer.

The demo ends with Agent 47 leaving the building and walking into an impressively large crowd. The developers tease that more is to come with regards to their crowd system, which they’ve been working hard to improve, and crowds that big will certainly widen the range of gameplay possibilities available in Absolution. Exciting.

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