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inFamous: Festival of Blood – the PS3 Attitude review

Submitted by on Wednesday, 2 November 2011One Comment

Halloween may have come and gone, but inFamous: Festival of Blood is still available on the PlayStation Store for those who haven’t yet had their fill of macabre antics for this year. Originally announced at Gamescom in August, Festival of Blood is a bite-size title in the inFamous series.

This standalone adventure offers a tongue-in-cheek take on the inFamous universe. The game opens with Zeke attempting to impress a woman at a bar, by telling her an elaborate (and completely made-up) story about one of his and Cole’s exploits.

Festival of Blood is set in New Marais (returning from inFamous 2), but this time the story takes place on Pyre Night (a sort of cross between Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, when people dress up in costumes, drink more alcohol than is healthy, and set off a dangerous amount of fireworks).

The story proper begins with Cole investigating some old catacombs, after hearing screams from inside. He is then captured by a pack of vampires, forced to resurrect a powerful female vampire named Bloody Mary, and unwillingly turned into one of the blood-suckers himself.

From there, he has one night to defeat Bloody Mary, before he becomes her slave for all eternity. Unfortunately, she also unleashes her minions on New Marais, presenting Cole with an army of vampires to defeat, while he slowly succumbs to Mary’s mind control.

If you’re worried that the quality of the series may have diminished with Festival of Blood, then don’t; the voice-acting is top-notch, New Marais looks fantastic, and the costumes, balloons, fireworks and sound effects successfully convey the party atmosphere that Sucker Punch was clearly going for.

Cole has the entire first island of New Marais at his disposal, which is no mean feat considering the download size is well under 4 gigabytes. The game is even fully playable with the PlayStation Move motion controller, for the first time in the inFamous franchise.

Gameplay wise, the series has genuinely never been better; Cole retains most of his electrical powers from inFamous 2, and also gains a whole lot more, including a makeshift stake that allows him to melee kill vampires and functions in a similar way to the amp in inFamous 2.

Along with his electricity meter, Cole now also has a blood meter, which can be replenished by biting the necks of civilians, and permanently increased by finding the 100 canopic jars that have been scattered across New Marais (like blast shards from previous inFamous games).

Cole’s blood meter allows him to transform into a swarm of bats and fly across the map, covering huge distances in a very short space of time; it’s by far the easiest and fastest way to travel in New Marais, so it’ll be difficult to go back to inFamous 2 without it!

Another great new addition is something called Vampire Sense, which allows Cole to discover and decipher messages from Bloody Mary, which are invisible to ordinary humans (think along the lines of the glyphs from Assassin’s Creed, and you’re on the right track).

Once the short main story is over, you also have the user-generated content to keep you busy. All of inFamous 2’s features return, as well as Festival of Blood’s unique additions to gameplay, meaning that fans of inFamous 2’s UGC component will find a lot to enjoy here.

Despite its entertaining story and gameplay, Festival of Blood’s short length make it difficult for us to recommend wholeheartedly; the main story won’t take much more than an hour to finish, and you’re looking at about five hours to complete the game 100%.

That said, those gamers looking for a bit more inFamous, or an interesting new take on a classic PlayStation franchise, will not be disappointed. Put simply, for less than the price of a cinema ticket, you get a fun evening’s worth of entertainment; and we can’t say fairer than that.