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The Skyrim Journal: Day One

Submitted by on Friday, 11 November 20113 Comments

When PS3 Attitude first played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, we were blown away by its utterly immersive world and practically infinite amount of content.

Therefore, ever since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced in December, we’ve been counting down the days until we could play it, and now that day is finally here.

Due to its huge size, writing a review that covers everything the game has to offer would be almost impossible. Therefore, rather than writing a traditional review, Nixemus and I will be documenting our progress with the game every week, to share our experience and hopefully explain exactly why this game is so amazing.

We’ll try to avoid major spoilers whenever we can, but due to the nature of this feature, unfortunately that may not always be possible.

So, here’s what we got up to on our first day in Skyrim…


I’ll let you into a secret; whenever I get a new role-playing game, the first thing I do is check the developer’s attention to detail (and sense of humour), by performing something I like to call ‘the naked test’.

It’s simple enough; take off all your character’s clothing, and if the game makes a reference to your nudity, you know you’re playing a quality title. When I tried this in Skyrim, one NPC advised me, ‘You know, walking around naked may not be the best idea’. Result!

With my curiosity sated and my character suited up once again, I began to explore the first settlement I came across: the small town of Riverwood. Within fifteen minutes, I’d given some wine to the town drunk, ruined a perfectly good relationship, and been threatened by a child.

I also acquired a hefty amount of gold, after picking up and selling literally every item that wasn’t nailed down. It’s all in a day’s work.

As I’m such an amicable and trustworthy guy (looting aside), I left Riverwood with a number of quests to follow up in various places around Skyrim; of particular interest was a tip-off on the whereabouts of the Dark Brotherhood, but I decided to save it for another time.

I eventually chose to travel to Redoran’s Resort and take care of a troublesome bandit. On my way there, however, I became preoccupied when I spotted my first rabbit, which I couldn’t resist chasing.

Embarrassingly, it actually managed to get away from me (who knew rabbits can swim?), so I took my anger out on a passing wolf, and then a thief who stupidly decided to take me on; never mess with a Nord who’s just been outsmarted by a rabbit!

When I arrived at my destination, I went for a stealthy approach, and snuck up behind a singing bandit chief; let’s just say I let him know what I thought of his voice. I also took care of his two friends, and stole everything in his den. Don’t feel too sorry for him though; his singing really was terrible.


The first thing I did in Skyrim was walk to my execution. The start of every Elder Scrolls game to date has started off with the main character wrongly imprisoned, who manages to escape through various means. This time, it was a Dragon.

After escaping, I was left with a true plethora of things to do. Wander to a nearby town? Fetch a mysterious tablet? In order to get a feel for the possibilities, I decided to follow the main quest for a while, and after levelling up and getting some pretty sweet threads, I came up against my first Dragon.

With the help of the guards at Whiterun we managed to defeat it and I absorbed my first Dragon Soul. With it I was able to activate a Shout I had learned earlier.

A while later I received a mysterious note from ‘a friend’ in Riverwood. It gave the location of a source of power nearby. When I went to investigate it (riding on my brand-new horse!) I discovered a Dragonstone, and another Dragon. Botheration.

After a combination of casting the most powerful spells at it from a distance and desperately avoiding its fiery breath, so I could heal myself, I managed to take it down, singlehandedly.

Proud of myself, I took all the loot from around the Dragonstone and spotting a lone Frost Troll. I pegged it as fast as I could to my horse and then rode as far away from it as I could. As fearsome as Dragons are, I had discovered earlier that Frost Trolls pose a much greater threat, with their brutal hits and regenerating health.

And that is as far as I have come until now. My list of things to do include finding and killing another Dragon and seeking out the College of Winterhold so I can become a Mage. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll get massively distracted on the way. That’s the fun of Skyrim though.

That’s pretty much everything we got up to today, but be sure to check back every week for more updates on PS3 Attitude’s adventures in Skyrim.