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The Skyrim Journal: Week Two

Submitted by on Monday, 28 November 2011No Comment

Turdas 1st of First Seed, 4E 202

I have been contacted by the Dark Brotherhood.

I was weary from a day’s questing and fell soundly asleep. However, I awoke in a dismal shack and not in the comfort of the College of Winterhold.

A woman clad in red and black leather told me that I had ‘stolen’ a kill from the Dark Brotherhood. Because of this, I had to pay them back.

The aim was simple. There were three people tied up with sacks over their heads and I had to identify which one had a price on their heads.

First was a mouthy Argonian. Aside from threatening me, he also admitted that he had done horrible things in his lifetime, and that if he was allowed to live he would hunt me down like the “animal” I was.

Next was an angry housewife. After speaking to her, the only crime she was guilty of was bad manners. I also thought it would be hard on her six children if they had to live without a mother.

Finally there was a sellsword. Immediately he began to beg for his life. Although he admitted to killing people he seemed to show genuine remorse for his actions.

My mind was made up. Charging a thunderbolt spell, I carefully took aim at the Argonian and fired. The room exploded with energy as he went flying into the wall, and finally lay still.

After speaking with the woman in leather, I was not only allowed to live, but invited to join the Dark Brotherhood. She gave me the key to the shack and a passphrase to enter the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary.

Fredas 2nd of First Seed, 4E 202

I found the entrance to the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary. A fearsome stone door with a large skull carved into it. When I attempted to open it, it spoke: “What is the Music of Life?” I answered “Silence, my brother.”. It swung open.

This is going to be a very interesting week.

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