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BurgerTime World Tour – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 December 2011One Comment

MonkeyPaw Games is most notable for bringing original Japanese PlayStation titles over to the American and European PSN. With titles such as Chou Aniki and Sonic Wings Special, they’ve become somewhat of a niche. Their latest release, however, is not an import but a remake of the arcade game BurgerTime.

In BurgerTime, the object of the game is to create delicious hamburgers one layer at a time, all the while avoiding the dangerous condiments and toppings that try and stop you. It was popular back in the 80s, and MonkeyPaw Games has teamed up with developers Frozen Codebase to bring the game into the current generation with BurgerTime World Tour.

The concept of World Tour remains the same – to create burgers – but the execution has changed drastically. Players take control of Peter Pepper in a fully 3D environment as he attempts to build the best burger across four different countries: America, Mexico, Paris, and Tokyo – each world comprises 10 stages with the final stage being a face-off with a rival chef.

If you’re unfamiliar with BurgerTime, the goal is to walk over the various stacked layers of the burger and have them fall on each other until eventually it creates the full burger. While you’re doing this, your enemies – the pickle, pepper, carrot and  egg – try to stop you. Clearly they’re just jealous because they weren’t good enough to be part of the juicy burger. It’s okay because if they’re standing on one of the ingredients as it’s about to fall, they’ll go with it. They can also be caught between falling layers as well. This allows you to create speciality burgers for extra points.

The level design of World Tour has evolved beyond the simple tiered walkways of the arcade. There are now rolling barrels, dangerous drills and other sorts of obstacles that get in the way. It can be very hectic at times, though, and you can get lost within a level due to its complicated layout. There is an icon indicating where the closest burger is located, but sometimes there are certain paths you have to take in order to find them all. Let’s not forget the numerous enemies chasing you, either.

BurgerTime World Tour can be downright frustrating, so prepare to attempt levels multiple times as you find yourself crushed by spikes or caught in the wake of an exploding habanero. When you finally manage to complete a level, your happiness is short lived when you see your reward is a measly two stars. If you want to achieve the coveted five star platinum rating, you’re going to have to complete the level well below the par time AND create complex burgers by falling enemies with the toppings. It’s a dangerous combination that only the diehard fans should attempt.

That said, there’s something addictive about the game. Despite all the dying and low scores, I kept coming back for more. Levels rarely last beyond five minutes, so you’re less likely to get frustrated to the point of giving up. There always seems to be that “just one more time” mentality when it comes to completing the game or going back for a higher score.

Aside from the 40 level singleplayer campaign, there are a handful of multiplayer stages. Unfortunately, finding a player online is about the most difficult challenge the game has to offer. There simply isn’t a sound online community for this game. There are two types of multiplayer modes: burger making and rocket racing. The latter has you flying around the stage against everyone else using the rocket power-up. Luckily there is also local multiplayer so you and a few buddies can play together, but it’s a shame that the online is practically non-existent barely a month since its release.

Overall, BurgerTime World Tour is a decent downloadable title. It’s a good game that you can just pick up and play for a few stages although it can be a bit frustrating at times. If you’re looking to play multiplayer though, you better have a few local friends handy. In comparison to the original, it’s a welcomed update with suitable graphics and gameplay that enhances the experience. Though perhaps the best thing the games does is make you hungry for a burger.