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Hitman Absolution; this time it’s personal

Submitted by on Monday, 12 December 2011No Comment

A new trailer for Hitman Absolution debuted at the Spike TV Video Game Awards this weekend. Skipping the stealthy assassinations the franchise is known for, the trailer puts Agent 47 right in the middle of a firefight where his only option is to go in guns blazing.

The “Personal Contract” trailer explores more of the story present in Hitman Absolution and provides context

“Having just killed his ICA handler Diana Burnwood, the Original Assassin accepts her dying wish and takes on a very personal contract. This leads Agent 47 to the Rosewood Orphanage in Chicago, where he finds himself in the midst of a brutal raid by a gang of vicious criminals all after the same person.”

We still don’t know what this personal contract details and why Agent 47 would accept it in the first place. Even more mysterious is the identity of this person everyone seems so intent on abducting.

From the look of things, it appears that Hitman Absolution will feature a healthy amount of both stealth action as well as more typical gun play if the trailers are any indication. What do you think, will Hitman Absolution be the game to look out for in 2012?