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Merry Christmas from Attitude Towers

Submitted by on Sunday, 25 December 20115 Comments

Dear friends of PS3 Attitude,

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of PS3 games being unwrapped in houses across the world. People are waking up to Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 and other things with 3 in the title. Some are even finally joining the club by getting their first PS3.

It’s also the sound of Team Attitude shouting out a loud and cheerful merry Christmas to our many friends out there. You all know who you are and we hope you are all having a tip-top day.

It’s been fun and games at Attitude Towers this year – a bit of mischief here and plenty of gaming there. We also had a big charity push at the tail end of the year, which I’m sure you all heard about. A big, super thanks to everyone who supported our cause, either through donating or spreading the message. We are planning to work even harder in 2012 as we continue to raise money for GamesAid.

As for stories, we have given you well over 600 of them this year. Yes, our train keeps on running and it’ll be picking up speed again next year. But before embarking on the next stage of our journey, we’re going to rest up here for today and enjoy the occasion.

We’d love to hear about your Christmas stories (gaming and non-gaming), so please share them below.

All the best and merry Christmas,

Team Attitude