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Spike Video Game Awards | an evening of trailers and announcements awaits

Submitted by on Saturday, 10 December 20112 Comments

Spike’s annual Video Game Awards is tonight and it promises us an evening of exciting announcements and trailers.

The event will have preview trailers for Metal Gear Rising, BioShock: Infinite, The Amazing Spider-Man and Rainbow Six: Patriots. We can also expect an announcement from EPIC Games, BioWare and a PS3 world premiere exclusive, The Last of Us.

We don’t know much about The Last of Us, but we did get an intriguing trailer the other day and news from Spike TV host Geoff Keighley, who says the game is being developed by an “amazing developer”. Who could that be? Santa Monica Studios have been quiet lately and are said to be moving away from the God of War franchise. It could be them. The same could also be said of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, though. What about inFamous developer Sucker Punch? Surely they would like the chance to try something different?

Further fuel was tossed on the speculation fire yesterday when observant players spotted an apparent nod to the game in Uncharted 3, of all places. Could Naughty Dog be developing this? While they’ve been busy with the Uncharted series, Keighley states that The Last of Us has been “long planned”. If you take a closer look at the username “thelastofus” who uploaded the above video, you will find that it was registered on YouTube back on 12 July 2006. That’s definitely long planned. Either way, we will find out soon enough.

It’s also a big night for Gears of War developer EPIC Games. The studio is about to announce its new IP, and EPIC president Mike Capps has told that the game will be” radically different” from your typical EPIC game. That wouldn’t be hard – yet, it’s exciting nonetheless.

“We love Gears, it was a great trilogy, we’ve gotten a lot of great compliments and a lot of great fans, and we’re still supporting Gears 3 very strongly, but I’ve got guys that have been on it since 2001, and some of them need a break and to try something new.

So this is going to be one of those projects where we try something totally different, and it just went ‘boom’, because everyone had this pent up energy to do something new. And I can’t wait for them to get back to something like Gears in the future, because it’s sort of our bread and butter, and they’re going to be more energised for it to.”

It should be an exciting night, and you can watch it live on SPIKE TV or via their website.

Who do you think the mystery developer is? Speculate below…