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Introducing The Last of Us, the latest PS3 exclusive

Submitted by on Sunday, 4 December 2011One Comment

Yes Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards may be roughly a week away but that hasn’t stopped many of the shows announcements from leaking to the public early. Including this chaotic trailer introducing the latest exclusive slated for PS3 release, The Last of Us.

Admittedly there isn’t much information about the game to be gleaned from the trailer apart from the strong scenes of rioting, violence, depravity and the eluded to end of normal human life.

Given the game’s title and the tone of the trailer it stands to reason that some sort of disease or parasite has spread throughout the human race creating widespread panic and fear.

A trip to the game’s official website nets an additional video displaying an ant which has been exposed to a Cordyceps fungus driving it completely mad. Of course this is a situation best explained by Sir David Attonborough:

Now that you’ve seen the trailer let us know what you think. What does The Last of Us has in store for PS3 owners. Do you agree with our assessment of disease sparking worldwide pandemonium or do you see something in the trailer that leads you to believe otherwise?