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Over 500k sales for Blue Toad Murder Files

Submitted by on Sunday, 15 January 20122 Comments

Relentless Software co-founder Andrew Eades has revealed some very tasty sales figures for Blue Toad Murder Files.

The charming and child-friendly digital-only title has now reached over 500k sales for its episodes, with the number jumping to 827k when free episodes are included.

Eades revealed the information on Twitter.

Andrew Eades Tweets Blue Toad Murder Myster sales

Those numbers appear very good, and we’re sure they are, but it’s difficult to say without having other digital sales to benchmark against. We also don’t know what the percentage is for PSN and Steam sales. A digital sales chart would help.

It’s something industry trade magazine MCV is campaigning for. Michael French, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, recently wrote: “The games industry must embrace an openness about sales numbers for the sake of its reputation AND its health.”

It’s therefore refreshing to see Eades being open about Relentless’ sales figures.

They don’t necessarily tell us how many people actually bought the episodes. Some will have bought all six, others a couple and some wouldn’t have got past the first. It does however highlight the benefits of episodic content, from a publisher’s perspective.

Relentless has some good offers for Blue Toad at the moment. The first episode is free and you can upgrade to the full package for only £5.49.

Updated: January 15, 2012

Andrew Eades has confirmed that the majority of sales has come from PSN. "The vast majority is on PSN. No surprise as it was designed for PS and was out a year earlier."