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Darksiders II – Get to know Death

Submitted by on Saturday, 28 January 2012No Comment

A pair of videos have been released giving us greater insight into the choice of Death as the main protagonist in Darksiders II as well as Vigil Games’ outlook on the character.

Let the developers tell you what separates the angel of death from his horseman brother.


“What makes Death different from War, is almost everything about him.” – Marvin Donald, Game Director

This first video gives us a behind-the-scenes perspective on the reasoning involved in both choosing Death as the main playable character and the components which make up his character. In effect Vigil Games decided to make somewhat of a departure from the War character we became so familiar with in the original Darksiders. Where War represented a brutish amalgam of fury and power, Death is a more measured assassin on the battlefield.

Allow the good people for Vigil Games to further explain:

The second video is more of a teaser comfortingly reminding us all that Death lies in wait behind just about every corner of life at all times. The physical manifestation of death has been chronicled by nearly every civilization throughout history, giving Death a rather robust history for the writers on Darksiders II to glean from. The unique qualities of an all-encompassing ultimate conclusion personified in a single character no doubt provides a great number of directions which the story may embark.

There you have it, hopefully you feel much more acquainted with Death. Let us know what you think of the videos and certainly whether or not you plan on picking Darksiders II up when it’s released (hopefully) later this year.

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