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Deus Ex: Human Revolution | Writer’s GOTY

Submitted by on Sunday, 1 January 20127 Comments

2011 was a superb year for video games with titles such as Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Killzone 3, Modern Warfare 3, and a slew of other games, both with and without 3 in the title. With so many great contenders out there, it’s been difficult to pick just one to crown as Game of the Year.

I’ll admit that narrowing down my list of top games was a difficult task, but there was always one game that stuck out most; one game that managed to satisfy every criteria in my head; one game that excelled in all aspects. As a result, I’ve chosen Deus Ex: Human Revolution as the best game of 2011.

In my original review, I called Human Revolution “easily one of the best games of 2011.” Having braved through the AAA filled fall and winter months, I still stand by my original statement.

Deus Ex may not have as big a world as Skyrim or look as good as Uncharted 3, but every moment of the game is compels you to push forward and explore every corridor and every ventilation shaft.  There’s simply so much to do within the world of Human Revolution, and as Adam Jensen, you’re given great freedom to do as you choose.

One of the highlights that makes Deus Ex: Human Revolution game of the year material is its open world RPG elements. While many games give you the option of selecting different classes or play styles, none feel as pivotal to the gameplay as Human Revolution. Using stealth to sneak around invisible or hacking consoles undetected is a completely different experience than charging into a room like Rambo and blowing everything that moves to kingdom come. With its branching augmentation tree, you have the power to choose which abilities you want Jensen to have. New abilities unlock new locations and secrets to explore, as it’s impossible to see everything in a single playthrough.

The best aspect about Human Revolution, however, is its gripping story. So many games these days are focused on multiplayer that they forget about their single-player campaigns, and because of that, they’re never quite memorable. With no multiplayer whatsoever, Human Revolution explores a wonderfully crafted script that goes beyond the game and resonates within society.

The year is 2027 and humanity has embraced robotic augmentations that enhance both the physical and mental capabilities of people. Not everyone is okay with this, however, as rebel groups have risen up against the massive augmentation conglomerates. Human Revolution explores themes of morality, corruption, media influence, and allocation of resources. These are all themes that expand well beyond the game and are prevalent within our current society. Sure, we’re currently not possible of doing the human augmentations seen in the game but who knows what we’ll be capable by 2027. Through NPC interactions and eBooks, the world and conflict within Human Revolution is brought to light. You don’t want to talk to someone just because they have a new mission for you or an item. You actually want to talk with everyone you meet because they have another interesting story to share that further expands this massive web of conspiracy. The story is something you can’t ignore, even after you’ve finished the game so long ago.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is just that, a revolution. It successfully combines the best tactical espionage elements from Metal Gear Solid with fast-paced action to revolutionize the genre. There’s something in this game for everyone, whether you like shooting enemies in the face with a shotgun or tapping them on the shoulder and then KO them in one quick punch. Whether you’re familiar with the original Deus Ex storyline or not, you can’t help but fall in love with the franchise.  From the story and visuals, to the gameplay and dramatic themes, Deus Ex: Human Revolution performs like a well crafted machine with every piece fitting perfectly into place. It’s clear why this game win my choice for PS3 Attitude’s Game of the Year.