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Final Fantasy XIII-2 time travel gameplay shown in new footage

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 January 20122 Comments

One of the most intriguing features in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Historia Crux, which allows the player to travel through time. If you’ve been wondering what this actually involves then wonder no more, as Square Enix have revealed all in a brand new gameplay video.

Think of Historia Crux as a comprehensive fast-travel feature, which not only allows you to choose a location to travel to, but also the period of time you want it to be when you get there. The potential is obviously massive; for example, imagine visiting Vanille and Fang in Oerba before the War of Transgression, or exploring the seaside town of Bodhum before the events of Final Fantasy XIII.

However, as well as presenting the player with new story scenarios (such as multiple endings), Historia Crux also majorly increases the amount of content within the game. Every possible time period gives each area a different look and feel, with different NPCs, who offer different quests; put simply, completionists will definitely have their work cut out.

The huge Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo is available now on the PlayStation Store, which should tide you over until the full game is released on 31st January in North America and 3rd February in Europe; we seriously cannot wait.