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The hottest PS3 games of 2012 – part 1

Submitted by on Thursday, 5 January 20124 Comments

We’ve moved on from 2011, but what a fine year it was. It was a year packed with many highlights: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Portal 2, Skyrim, L.A. Noire, Uncharted 3 and Batman: Arkham City, to name just a few.

We now turn our collective eyes towards the gems 2012 will bestow on us, and it looks set to be another fantastic year.

Over two articles, PS3 Attitude’s writers are each selecting their three most anticipated games of 2012.  Staff writers Stefhutch20 and Ryanmoto3 will put their votes forward in part 1 and editors DolphGB, Majiesto and Seanoc will follow up later with part 2.

So without further ado, here are the hottest PS3 games of 2012, selected by Team Attitude.

Ryanmoto3 – Staff Writer

Without a doubt the game I’m most looking forward to this year is Borderlands 2. From the moment I laid eyes on the GameInformer cover I happily kissed 100+ hours of my life away. As a gamer for the majority of my life I have no reservations in stating that the original is one of my absolute favorite games of all time. The parts I love about Borderlands are the same parts that I love about gaming: loot, skill-trees, split-screen co-op, innocuous side missions, leveling up, blowing stuff up, obsessing over damage-to-weight ratios, etc.  Although Gearbox hasn’t revealed a great deal about the game, they effectively sold me when the sequel’s development was announced. My return trip to Pandora cannot come soon enough.

Outside of my love affair with Borderlands, the year of the dragon offers up an appealing spread of games, the likes of which will no doubt ease the minds of gamers fearful of a hangover from last year’s boon. As is becoming the trend, we won’t have to wait long (March 6/March 9) to receive one of the year’s most highly touted games in Mass Effect 3. With the sequel having made great improvements to the already spectacular original, seeing what Bioware has in store for the conclusion of the trilogy has the potential to be the high-water mark of the year.

Darksiders 2 - Guardians

Darksiders II will be big

Finally my third most anticipated game of 2012 has to be Darksiders II. The early 2010 release of Darksiders definitely caught me off guard as I was still trying to finish off some of the leftover games from the dearly departed 2009. However when I finally got around to playing it I promptly put down the old games and dug deep into the glorious action-puzzler and its classic gaming influences. While I was caught off-guard by how much I enjoyed Darksiders, there’s no way I’ll sleep on Death’s odyssey in Darksiders II.

Any way you slice it, 2012 is going to be a very promising year. There are a ton of games that will make us all happy to call ourselves gamers and I can’t wait to get started.

Stefhutch20 – Staff Writer

I can sum up my most anticipated games of the year like so: Final Fantasy XIII-2. Regular readers of PS3 Attitude will know, that to say I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII is a massive understatement; in fact, I even swam against the tide and described it as ‘one of my favourite games of all time’ at the end of 2010.

That should give a decent insight into how much I’m looking forward to its sequel. With a genuine open-world, proper side-quests and the series’ trademark minigames, Final Fantasy XIII-2 looks set to improve upon its predecessor in every conceivable way.

Respected Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu certainly thinks so. The publication recently awarded the title a ridiculously high 40/40 score; although I should point out that the original Final Fantasy XIII still managed an extremely impressive 39/40.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Oerba (PS3)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will give players more opportunities to explore, customise and do what people do in RPGs

My hype for this game was already off the scale, but the Japanese launch has somehow increased it even further. The only thing stopping me from importing it is that I can’t read a word of Japanese, so I’ll have to settle with waiting the few weeks until the worldwide release.

The second pick for my most anticipated games of 2012 may seem slightly strange, considering gamers are also being treated to huge titles like Mass Effect 3, and possibly even GTA V, later this year, but my next choice is The Jak and Daxter Trilogy.

The first game, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, whilst utterly brilliant, was very much a child-friendly platformer, whereas its sequels are more action/adventure focused and much darker in tone; I like to think of them as fantasy versions of Grand Theft Auto.

Jak and Daxter was easily one of my top three series on the PlayStation 2, and even now I have extremely fond memories of the time I spent in Haven City, so I can’t wait to return there in high definition; it’s the next best thing to having a brand new Jak and Daxter game on PS3.

BioShock Infinite - Liz Drops Flower

The first BioShock was dark, damp and cramped. Infinite clearly isn't.

And now, I have a confession to make: whilst I enjoyed the original BioShock immensely, it never quite elevated itself into the realms of ‘Oh my God, this is amazing!’ territory for me. However, that looks all set to change with the upcoming BioShock Infinite.

Every new piece of footage 2K and Irrational Games release looks sensational, with beautiful graphics, breathtaking lighting effects and emotional performances from the voice actors. It’s no wonder the title won so many websites’ Game of Show awards at E3 last year.

I’m particularly excited for the game’s release on the PlayStation 3, as it will not only include PlayStation Move functionality, but also the first BioShock title on the same disc, not to mention possible connectivity with BioShock Vita. This is going to be a great year for PS3 owners.

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