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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer trailer

Submitted by on Sunday, 29 January 2012One Comment

Given the run of stellar games that have come out of BioWare and the Mass Effect franchise specifically, most gamers are comfortable with the understanding that the Canada-based development studio will do right by Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. What is unknown however is the state of the game’s widely debated multiplayer mode.

Have a look at what the hoopla is all about in the latest trailer.

Although many gamers were disheartened, to say the least, when EA announced the inclusion of a multiplayer component into the Mass Effect experience, the reality is that it is completely optional. Much of the vitriol no doubt stems from the frustration associated with the rapid, and in this case unwanted, proliferation of multiplayer modes in games which seemingly have no need for them. The Mass Effect franchise in particular was and is viewed as a champion of the solo-experience, sort of a last vestige of gaming untouched by online currents, so when news of online cooperative play came down it definitely riffled the feathers of purists.

However given the optional nature of the online component perhaps its inclusion should instead be viewed as an opportunity for BioWare to do something fresh and different within the framework of their adored franchise. If in fact it turns out to be a broken, unplayable mess then it can be ignored. But if it makes for an enjoyable change of pace the game will be all the better for it.

Having watched the trailer let us know where you weigh in on the online multiplayer in Mass Effect 3. For additional coverage of Mass Effect check out the litany of pre-order bonuses tied to Mass Effect 3 and our official review of Mass Effect 2.