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Variety trailer shows off all there is to do in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 January 2012No Comment

The latest gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 showcases some of the other things you can do aside from the main storyline campaign.

Final Fantasy XIII was criticized for being too linear and having not a lot of variety in its gameplay. XIII-2 aims to drastically change that with a variety of rewarding side quests, puzzle sections, and Captain Cryptic’s “Confounding Quiz.” Will it be enough to keep players interested, though?

The “Confounding Quiz” requires players to eavesdrop on citizens and obtain certain clues in order to find Captain Cryptic’s location and solve his riddles. Crack them all and you’ll win a special prize.

In addition, players can also visit Serendipity, a casino-style area with a variety of games including slot machines and best of all, Chocobo Racing! Better save up your gil as traveling to Serendipity could prove very expensive.

With Final Fantasy XIII-2 nearly a week away from its release, Square Enix has shown a good amount of what the game has to offer. So, do you think they’ve finally worked out all of the kinks that were present in the first game? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments!