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5 tips to platinum Final Fantasy XIII-2

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 February 20127 Comments

Although obtaining Final Fantasy XIII-2’s platinum trophy is considerably less time-consuming than it was in Final Fantasy XIII, you’re still looking at the best part of 80 hours or so to acquire it.

Well, we’ve been playing the game relentlessly since its release a few weeks ago, so we thought we’d share some useful tips and strategies that should help newcomers along their journey.

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers.

Getting off to a good start

Most of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s trophies will be earned towards the end of the game, but you can gain a fair amount of them in the very first episode. Once you’ve found the artefact to open the time gate in New Bodhum 003AF, simply travel to the Tidal Shallows area and battle any monster you see.

After just an hour, you should have unlocked the following trophies without even trying: Budding Hunter (defeat 100 enemies), Quick Draw (50 pre-emptive strikes), Staggering (stagger 50 enemies), No Retreat (50 consecutive battles without using Retry), and maybe even Clock Stopper (100 consecutive pre-emptive strikes).

This grinding also has the effect of granting you with upwards of 5000 Crystogen Points, which is a huge amount at this early stage of the game, and will put you in a very strong position before Episode 2.

Levelling, levelling, levelling!

Speaking of Crystogen Points, we simply cannot emphasise how important levelling Serah and Noel is in FFXIII-2. The Crystarium and levelling system is much more open than it was in FFXIII, so you can start developing the party you want from the beginning.

Therefore, if you ever come up against an enemy that is too tough for you, the chances are you are under-levelled. Simply try again after you’ve levelled up a bit, and you may be surprised by how much easier the battle is. This is particularly true of the main story’s final bosses, which can be an uphill struggle for even a mid-level party, but defeated with ease when you’re maxed out.

Finding the right monster for the job

Careful selection of your monster allies can also go a long way towards defeating particularly troublesome foes (many of which are tied to trophies). The problem is, with over 150 monsters to capture, how do you know which are the best long-term party members?

Unfortunately we can’t run through all 150 here, so instead we’re just going to recommend one; the Cloudburst. It may take a while to track one down, but if you’re lucky this Ravager can be found on the Archylte Steppe in cloudy weather, and is quite frankly an essential capture.

Fully-levelled, Cloudbursts can reach the lofty heights of over 7000HP and 1000 Magic (that’s a lot!), and has an insanely useful Feral Link ability, which makes defeating many enemies, and even certain bosses, a mere triviality.

Chocobo racing over slot machines

The Serendipity casino offers some unique prizes for dedicated players with a lot of casino coins. Three of these prizes are important fragments, and therefore must be purchased (at a total of 22350 coins, with the Bargain Hunter fragment skill) if you want to platinum the game.

The slot machines offer gigantic jackpots so may seem like the way to go, but it’s very slow work unless you’re extremely lucky. Therefore, a much safer bet is chocobo racing. A max-level Silver Chocobo (earned by throwing Mog at the projection of Cocoon in the Academy headquarters in Academia 4XXAF, with Mog’s Manifestation fragment skill) can outstrip any other bird on the track.

Some of the later races award 480 coins for a win, and you can even bet on your own Chocobo, giving you a total of 600 coins per race if you win. With that kind of prize money, you can earn somewhere in the region of 6000 casino coins in around half an hour, if you pick the right races.

Defeating the fearsome Cie’th, Raspatil

Once Serah and Noel have reached a high level in all roles, it’s time to take on Raspatil, arguably the toughest monster in the entire game, which can be found in the Ashensand area of Oerba 400AF, after you have completed the main story and activate the Battlemania fragment skill.

We won’t lie; we seriously struggled to defeat Raspatil, until we unleashed our secret weapon – the Cloudburst! Raspatil has over 3,000,000HP, so it’s important to stagger him with Ravagers as soon as possible so you can then hack into his health with Commandos. It’s also a great idea to inflict Imperil, Deprotect and Deshell with a Saboteur, to maximise damage caused.

At certain points in the fight, Raspatil will call reinforcements in the form of Varcolaci, Vampires and Wladislauses, so it’s essential to take them out as soon as they appear, in order to continue your offence on your main target. If everything goes to plan, you should be able to defeat Raspatil within two or three staggers, and the battle should take no longer than ten minutes.

Not only do you get a gold trophy for defeating this formidable foe (in Normal mode), but if you have the Rolling in CP fragment skill you’ll be granted with 50,000CP (a truly massive amount, even late in the game) and 50,000 gil!

Have any of your own tips on how to platinum Final Fantasy XIII-2? If we see anything good enough, we’ll add it to our list and credit you in the article!