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Downloaded Vita games cheaper than retail?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 February 20124 Comments

With the Vita’s release right around the corner news has broke concerning the pricing structure for games downloaded, in lieu of physical retail purchase, in the United States.

Let’s just say you may want to pony up for a bigger memory stick.

For the uninitiated, all PlayStation Vita games are slated to be available for purchase online via the PlayStation Store as well as in retail stores. If it’s your prerogative you need never leave your house to pick up a game (provided you pay your internet bills).

Furthermore Japanese gamers have noticed a discount on downloaded games causing gamers around the world to question whether or not they would see similar pricing structures in their regions as well.

In response to a stir partially caused by a post on the NeoGAF forums, Sony today responded to American gamers’ questions concerning the purported pricing discrepancy between downloaded and retail games.

“There will be a discount. Exact details will be revealed in the very near future.” – Sony

A definite win for gamers looking to go fully digital when the Vita arrives on store shelves February 22.

At first blush a price break, no matter how small it bears out to be, is exciting however gamers should also consider the rather inflated price tags attached to Sony’s proprietary memory cards. A 4GB Vita card will be $24.99, 8GB for $39.99, 16GB for $69.99 and a 32GB card for a ridiculous $119.99. Of course it should also be noted that, like the PlayStation Store structure available on the PS3, purchased games can be deleted and later re-downloaded in the future to make space for other content. The discouraging reality however with larger games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss being close to 4GB for a full download is that gamers may be juggling games on their memory card, putting greater emphasis on internet connection speed and memory card size in the name of saving time.

Let us know what you think of the reduced price for downloaded games. Is the break enough to convince you to go strictly digital?