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Special Edition Unboxed – Final Fantasy XIII-2: Crystal Edition

Submitted by on Saturday, 4 February 20123 Comments

We thought we’d take a break from time travelling and monster collecting, to share our unboxing of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Crystal Edition. This edition is currently sold out in most retailers, and consequently is very difficult to track down, but PS3 Attitude managed to get hold of one by using our unparalleled powers of persuasion (well, actually we just pre-ordered it).

The Crystal Edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2 includes a 4-disc soundtrack, t-shirt, art book, art print, six postcards and, of course, the game. All of the extra content is of the high quality we’ve come to expect from Square Enix, and is a fantastic example of how to do Special Editions well.

4-disc soundtrack and six character postcards

The art print and postcards are fine, but the 4-disc soundtrack is without a doubt the highlight of the whole package. With four hours of music, the soundtrack contains more catchy tunes than you can shake a stick at, and an unusually high number of vocals for a Final Fantasy game.

Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 t-shirt

The art book, ‘The Art of Final Fantasy XIII-2’, is also well worth a look, especially considering the game’s exceptional visuals and presentation. Furthermore, according to Square Enix, the t-shirt included exclusively in this edition will never be available anywhere else.

GAME's pre-order bonus pack

As if all that wasn’t enough, FFXIII-2 pre-orders at GAME were rewarded with the retailer’s exclusive bonus pack, which contains an alternate steelbook case for the game, three lithograph art cards, and Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-, a short novella that describes the events between FFXIII and XIII-2.

Also included is a code to download the ‘Fight in Style’ game pack, which features all pre-order bonus DLC from rival retailers; the Summoner’s Garb costume for Serah, the Battle Attire costume for Noel, and the opportunity to fight and capture the legendary Final Fantasy foe, Omega.

The Crystal Edition in all its glory

At £79.99, the Crystal Edition is the most expensive version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the market, but you subsequently get a heck of a lot of content for your money. The soundtrack is a particular highlight, but the package is chock-full of great content that is sure to appeal to FFXIII fans.

Stick with PS3 Attitude for more features on Final Fantasy XIII-2, including our full review, which will be going live later this week.