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SSX gameplay trailers tackle Antarctica, New Zealand and the Rockies

Submitted by on Saturday, 18 February 2012One Comment

SSX’s mission statement is “Defy Reality. Own The Planet.” It’s pretty apt, and we certainly can’t argue with any of it.

It has you tackling 10 mountain ranges around the world, from Alaska to Japan, via the Rockies, Patagonia, Antarctica, the Alps, Africa, the Himalayas, Siberia and New Zealand. While doing so, you’re reaching reality defying heights and pulling off crazily contorted moves.

Each mountain range has its own unique characteristics, and this awesome new batch of gameplay trailers from EA Sports will give you a taste of three of them, Antarctica, New Zealand and the Rockies.

Antarctica will see you sliding down the peaks of Vinson Massif, Mount Craddok and the charmingly named Mount Slaughter.  The mountains are freezing and desolate with wide slopes and huge snow dunes. The frozen desert remains largely uncluttered, but EA Sports couldn’t resit dropping in those hallmark red pipes.

New Zealand is perfect if you’re looking for high peaks and huge airtime. The peaks of Aoraki, Mount Wakefield and Mount Tasman are full of frozen rivers, huge jumps and deadly drops. You can ride the concrete dam or hop on the pipes. It’s clear why it’s being described as a “rollarcoaster ride from top to tail” but at least you’re strapped in on a rollarcoaster.

The Mount Robson, Extinguisher Tower and Whitehorn Mountain peaks of the Rockies offer something a bit different from the other two – a pure country-riding experience with slopes densely populated with trees, abandoned train wrecks and fallen power lines. You better keep your wits about you as you head down treacherous slopes.

SSX is sliding into stores on 28 February in North America and by 2 March in the rest of the world.

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