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The Boys of Silence make a lot of noise in BioShock Infinite’s Heavy Hitters part 3

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 March 2012No Comment

So far we’ve seen a clock work George Washington in the Motorized Patriot and the massively handed Handyman in BioShock Infinite’s video series, Heavy Hitters. The third installment introduces us to the Boys of Silence.

While these enemies don’t have the ability to see, they more than make up for it with their acute hearing. Their head fully encased in a tarnished brass mask, they can hear even the slightest sound through the use of their amplifying horns attached to their ears.

Acting as mobile sentries, the Boys of Silence will alert others to your presence if heard by emitting a blood-curling shriek through their gaping mouths.  Players will have to decide to either quietly sneak past them or take them out and risk getting caught.

Next week is the fourth and final installment of Heavy Hitters and we imagine it’ll be the heaviest hitter of them all. BioShock Infinite is due out later this October. How has the video series impacted your decision on picking up the game, if at all?