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The Walking Dead – Debut trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 March 2012No Comment

Already successful in the literary and television realms, The Walking Dead begins the lifeless, meandering advancement to the PS3.

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead has experienced a meteoric rise in public consciousness since its inception in 2003. The serialized comic quickly gained notoriety as one of the best monthly books on the market. Volume after volume of Kirkman’s zombie-apocalypse character drama have been consumed by comic aficionados and general fans of strong fiction alike, culminating in AMC’s debut of The Walking Dead television series in 2010. Much like the books, the TV adaptation has been met with much critical praise.

Now the similarly serialized game development house, Telltale Games is bringing The Walking Dead to the video game industry as an episodic downloadable series. With the likes of Jurassic Park: The Game and Back To The Future: The Game already under their belt Telltale has plenty of experience adapting works of other mediums for video games.

Although the comic and TV series narratives are in reality quite a bit different from each other Telltale has decided their game will be more closely affiliated with the print series.

“The game’s based on the comic and exists right along the stories of the comic.” – Sean Vanaman, Lead Designer.

Telltale hopes to bring Kirkman’s decidedly more character driven perspective on the zombie apocalypse to gamers who are likely more familiar with the more action-oriented run-and-shoot aspects normally associated with preceding undead ventures.

“There are a billion zombie games where all you do is blow away a million zombies.” – Jake Rodkin, Lead Designer.

The game will forgo the on goings, with minor exceptions, of Kirkman’s main characters in favor of new protagonist Lee Everett. Everett, a man on his way to prison when he apocalypse strikes and he’s thrust into a brave new world of reanimated flesh.

As of yet The Walking Dead has no release date, however look for it to magically appear on the PlayStation Store sometime later this year.

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