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Understanding Awesomenauts with a How to Play trailer

Submitted by on Saturday, 28 April 2012No Comment

Awesomenauts¬†is coming soon to PSN on both sides of the Atlantic, and what’s more, it’ll be free for PS Plus members: news, we’re sure, most will be delighted to hear. But we’re also pretty sure some of you will be thinking, what’s Awesomenauts?

It’s a tricky game to describe. Think of an online class-based shooter with a blue team facing up against a red one, but try not to think of Team Fortress. It’s a three-on-three, side-scrolling platformer rather than an FPS.

Still confused? Thought so. Maybe it’d be better if we just show you the ‘How to Play’ trailer.

After a brief go on Awesomenauts, we found it promising. As well as having a brilliant 80s cartoon art style, it has a strong focus on strategic gameplay. The DOTA-style gameplay may be common on PC, but it’s fresh on PS3.¬†One criticism we felt was that it was a little slower than we would have liked.

So who’ll be picking this up?