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New Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion arrives in June

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 April 2012One Comment

New Battlefield 3 add-on content is finally coming to PlayStation 3, beginning with Close Quarters this June. Where the Back to Karkand expansion introduced new players to old maps, Close Quarters will drop players into four new fully destructible maps with 10 new weapons to unlock.

The newly themed maps place squads in chaotic indoor and outdoor battles, where HD Destruction allows stray gunfire to decimate surroundings and reduce enemy cover to total rubble. The epic gun battles will escalate through vertical battlefields requiring new strategies. Using the level destruction looks to put a spin on the strategy we’ve employed in previous Battlefield 3 maps.

At least one of the maps has been announced called Donya Fortress, as seen in the images below. The new Conquest Domination mode will play a huge role and will only be playable in the four new maps.

The focus of battles in the Close Quarters expansion is on infantry combat. So take a look at the list of new weapons below, all of which will be usable in all original and Back to Karkand maps.

Assault Rifles: AUG, SCAR

Carbines: ACW-R, MTAR-21

Sniper Rifles: M417, JNG-90

Machine Guns: L86LSW, LSAT

Shotguns: SPAS-12

Pistols: M5K Tactical Machine Pistol

New ways to play, new assignments and five unique dog tags round out the new Close Quarters experience. Keep your six covered and ready your CQC skills when it all hits the PlayStation Store this June.